Discovering your Life Purpose

by Nicholas King

Filmed at Ignite Brisbane

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Our uniqueness as evidenced by the distinctiveness of our eyes, fingerprints and facial features provide us with evidence that we are one-off masterpieces and that we are created to fulfil a purpose. Living in our purpose allows us to become the most fulfilled, enlightened and prosperous version of ourselves. How do we know what our purpose is? What can we look for in our lives as evidence to point us towards the purpose we need to fulfil? His message will provide practical tools to help people understand how they can find their purpose and start their journey to working in it. About Nicholas: Nicholas King is a father of three great kids, husband of one amazing wife who is pursuing his passion of speaking and communicating with messages that inspire and encourage. Nicholas founded Thinking Mechanics which is a resource to teach and help people take control of their thoughts, understand their purpose and to live their most inspired life. For more about Nicholas go to For more about Ignite Brisbane go to

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