Don't Wait To Live

by Terri Tonkin

Filmed at Ignite Brisbane

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Are you waiting for happiness to find you? We all have a choice, and you can choose to have happiness in your life. Terri believes every person has the capacity within them to create the life they choose to have. We have all played roles in our lives and yet they do not define us. Those roles have made us who we are today, with all the learnings and the strengths gathered along the way. Terri is the face of Connect Within, mindset transition coaching. She is based in the northern suburbs of Brisbane and does not need to meet face to face with her clients to achieve results. Terri has a knack of ‘hearing’ a smile, or ‘feeling’ a change within a client, without having to ‘see’ them. Terri draws on her diverse skills developed through her experience, employment, and cultural awareness from the numerous locations in which she has lived. She is a speaker, author, coach, and facilitator, and her goal is to ensure everyone she meets has happiness in their life, every day. If you have lost your zest for life, or find it difficult to have joy and happiness in your daily life, Terri is here to help you reclaim your inner joy and happiness, and fill up your bucket, so you are constantly smiling.

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