Gin is good

by Lindsay Silcox

Filmed at Ignite Sydney

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I'd like to encourage people to get out and explore the craft gin scene in Australia. There are dozens of distilleries producing world class gins in Australia, all with an awesome story to tell about where they and their gin came from. There's the guy in WA who started distilling in his home made still in Alaska when he was 14, as well as the former botanist who decided to put his knowledge to good use making gin. It's an incredible industry that is full of characters and creativity and it's leading the rest of the world. Many people don't know about Australia's gin scene. They still order Hendricks with cucumber, because they don't know what's good in Australian gins, or even how to drink them to get the best out of them. Video created by Hunting With Pixels. Hunting With Pixels is a Sydney and Melbourne based social video strategy and production agency.

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