Is Cancer Good For You?

by Roula Selinas

Filmed at Ignite Brisbane

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The storms of life will hit all of us. Life throws us unexpected hurdles. No matter how hard things get, if we persist, we can find the strength, courage and hope to get through adversity and start anew. You can achieve and overcome anything you set your mind to. About Roula: Author of Stronger Roula Selinas has beaten the odds and survived cancer twice. 10 years post cancer, she was diagnosed with a secondary breast cancer resulting from her treatment for leukaemia. She will share her techniques on overcoming adversity, how to achieve your goals and thrive after adversity. Her ability to bounce back from the years of setbacks and complications with her bone marrow transplant shows her incredible resilience. Roula has an administration, sales and customer service background of over 30 years. As well as experience in small business management. Her experience in administration, marketing and customer service resulted in their family business being voted Winner in the Small Business Awards in Sydney's Inner West in 2000 in their field. For more about Roula go to For more about Ignite Brisbane go top

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