Is Your Willpower For Love Greater Than Fear and Doubt

by Melanie Wood

Filmed at Ignite Brisbane

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Do you ever ask yourself in times of anger or frustration what would love do? Is your Willpower for love greater than fear and doubt? Is your love for life and getting out of bed in the morning greater than how you think and feel right now? Is taking a risk on you and your future greater than fear and doubt? Melanie will share her own experiences and how you can choose love instead of fear and doubt. Melanie recently became an Australian Citizen after being here for 6 years and has moved back to Brisbane after spending 5 years up in the gorgeous coastal town of Yeppoon. Melanie has her own business Speaking Styles, an organisation passionate about helping individuals and teams with Public Speaking, Storytelling and Soft Skills Training. Melanie helps People Become Authentic Communicators to ~Empower Others ~Inspire Teams ~Change Lives. Melanie is on a mission to help as many people find their voice in this world.

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