Leading Well – the powerful combination of wellbeing and leadership

by Jill Annear

Filmed at Ignite Brisbane

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Speaker: Jill Annear Title: Leading Well – the powerful combination of wellbeing and leadership Discover the 6 Pillars designed to help you be well and lead well. Each of these pillars also represents key leadership concepts. For example, in the business sense ‘find your mojo’ is all about knowing your ‘why’, your purpose, and ensuring you focus on creating a culture that engages and excites your team. As a leader, we need to ‘hydrate often’ – it’s our thirst for knowledge that makes us lifelong learners, and wills us to seek out mentors, attend courses and read books. Water is the essence of life – and continuous learning is essential to being a good leader. About Jill: Jill is currently General Manager of Pure Water Systems, but has also recently created a new business – Junomojo. She is the Founder and CEO of Junomojo – an online retail business focused on wellbeing. Her two passions in life are leadership and wellbeing – and for her, these two elements come together and form my philosophy of ‘Leading Well’. The tagline for the Junomojo business is ‘Wellbeing Made Easier’. We have created the Junomojo 6 pillars of well-being, based on the belief that if you breathe easy, hydrate often, eat nourishingly, move your body and sleep well – you’ll be feeling pretty good! However, we also recognise that feeling great requires something else. We decided ‘find your mojo’ was the final pillar that sums up the ‘feel good factor’. Good mojo is as much about your mind as it is about your body. For more about Jill and Junemojo go to https://junomojo.com.au For more about Ignite Brisbane go to http://ignitebrisbane.com

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