The big food story, the real future of feeding humanity

by Joseph Simcox

Filmed at Ignite Berlin

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With a projected 9 billion people on planet earth by 2050, many assert that the only way to feed this many people is through ever more sophisticated biotechnology and intricate machinery. Joseph Simcox is one person who knows food unlike any other. A world food plant ecologist, Joseph has traveled the world on more than 350 expeditions, tracking down, recording and eating the food plants that once sustained humanity. He claims that the discussion regarding the “future of food” is leaving out the essential element: the insufficient study and lack of use of thousands of plants with incredible potential. In this talk he tells us why ancient knowledge is our hope for the future. About Joseph Joseph Simcox is known around the world as the indefatigable Botanical Explorer. His life mission? To record, track down and eat as many of the edible plants on the planet as possible and share them with humanity. The real future of feeding the world, according to Joe, will depend on our understanding of the food plants used by peoples past. Joseph Simcox is an ethnobotanist and world food plant ecologist; he has probably eaten more species of plants than anyone on earth and his message for the future of humanity is provocative, positive and reassuring. Considering that there is so much doom and gloom promoted about mankind’s future existence on the planet, Joe’s good news is welcomed. Ignite Berlin at View Source Conference Berlin, 12 September 2016. Learn more at

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