The Elegant Art of Waiting in Line

by Beth Goza

Filmed at Ignite Seattle

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Whether it's primo seats for the midnight showing of the latest superhero flick, or to avoid stranding room only in the must see panel at Comic-Con, maybe you're just trying to get the latest hot gadget before your buddies in the office.... no matter the reason, if you're a true geek then you've waited in line. Not just any line, but a multi-hour, hundreds of persons, where did I put my travel folding chairs & bag of emergency trail mix type of line. Before you head out to stand in any sort of line again - learn the ins and outs of optimal lineage preparation, the dos and don'ts while actually in line, and ways to make the most of this true rite of geek passage. Returning Ignite speaker Beth Goza, your spirit guide to discovering the elegant art of waiting in line, has hundreds of hours of experience which includes: Pax Panels, Comic-Con tickets & Panels, Apple Product launches, Book Releases, Movie Ticket sales (Including Episode I *shudder*), Theater Seats, Exclusive!/One of kind!/Limited Edition! toy buying, Thanksgiving Black Friday, Concert Tickets (Springsteen in 1985!), and most recently crazy Missoni Madness at Target (braving scores of mad suburbanites looking for some cheap couture).

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