‘Where Are You From?’

by Taufiq Khan

Filmed at Ignite Sydney

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I've been thinking a lot about cultural identity and heritage over the last few years. I've always been quite confused about my own, so have spent a lot of energy trying to explain it to myself. Is it based on your genetic heritage? Where you grew up? The language you speak? The customs you have? The food you eat? The people you associate with?. For me, and a growing number of Australians, these are divergent questions. I want to try and cover 1. global mobility trends and 'third cultures' 2. intention behind the question 'where are you from?' 3. ways to frame a response to that intention Video created by Hunting With Pixels. http://www.huntingwithpixels.com Hunting With Pixels is a Sydney and Melbourne based social video strategy and production agency.

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